Looking for Greener Grass?

When things get difficult, we tend to look at other people or other
companies and assume that the grass is greener on the other side of the

In most cases, if you want greener grass, you’ll get better results starting
with the grass on our own side of the fence. Prepare the ground, enrich the
soil, nurture and water the grass until it thrives. Put your time, energy and
effort into making your current opportunities blossom into success.

when i gave the full newsletter about looking for greener grass to a friend who about to leave the co…then he told me…the newsletter give him a 2nd thought…to leave or not to leave…hahhaha..

life..is about to make a choice

life..is about yes/no

life..is about taking risk

life..is about making decision


dont let other ppl decides your life..

u decide..others will follow..

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