Back in action

Alhamdulillah…..back safe and soundly from bandung..

everything goes very fine except the hotel…since its damn cheap but not so beautiful……

all hotels was fully booked…but its ok since we use the room only for sleeping and bathing….

this time trip…brought most of them were the first timer….

when u brought first timer….one luggage will become two during check out…hehehe….

if they happy…i will be very happy…!!


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3 responses to “Back in action

  1. the hotel was awesome. i slept in a broken bed, but slept soundly. what more, i was serenaded by a professionally composed ‘snore orchestra’ [razen had the benefit of listening to two orchestra, coz i could not hear my own] hehehe.

  2. Sam

    Whats the rate at Karmila hotel and are there rooms available for triples?

  3. ariefsaid

    roughly rp300,000..depend on what type of room..
    u can require extra bed at additional cost

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