a week after

petrol hike…i noticed that:

1. jalan kurang jem…kereta tak banyak…dunno if ppl car pooling or take the public transpot…

2. barang makan pun naik except my chapati shop and the cafe….bought my bfast nasi lemak RM4…!!! last time was Rm2.80..but nvm…bukan tiap2 hari pun makan nasi lemak…

3. petrol station pun agak lengang lately…..

4. people dah cool sikit kot…??

as today..gov announce no petrol hike for this year…ya ka???but u said earlier the 78sen increase comes with monthly review of oil price…do u mean if a barrel increase we still pay rm.270???…..agreed with fiz…dunt mind if u want to increase the oil price…but dont give us empty promises….earlier said petrol only will be increased in august..bla bla bla…the out of blue…in june sudah naik….

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