yeap last weekend while smoking…
aku just browse thru a local entertainment mag…
pastu aku terperasan satu advert on filem dalam mag tu pun ada coverage pasal movie tuh…
then..while reading i was searching for the film director…tgk nama M familiar…
check lagi…damn..mmg aku kenal si mamat subash ni…he was my classmate during our studies at UM….but at that time he was a part-time Indian singer….part time pun dah kuar 1 ke 2 album at that point of time….
most of us still remember he entered the class masa dia kene migrain….masuk je kelas…dengan kelam kabut…pegi kat belakang…terus baring…even the lecturer pun terkejut….hahaha

ni muka terbaru dia…kemas laa laa dah main area filem2 ni..kene hensem sket..

ape2pun i wish him all the best for his Pensil movie..

Badrul (M. Subash) is a handicapped guy with a good heart and respect towards the elderly. Despite being tortured and loathed by his stepmother (Maimon Mutalib), his love and obedience towards his mother is unquestionable. Life is full of challenges as he faces incidents and non-stop tests that only make him a stronger person. Along his journey to achieve his dream, he meets Junid (Jalil Hamid), a psycho who lives in loneliness because of his dark past. Friendship was built on the similarities that are shared between them – being isolated and loathed by the villagers. Badrul teaches Junid to discover the beauty of Islam. Together they lead a meaningful life as well as pursuing his dream of becoming an artist.

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