i buat polis report!!!

this year i received 2 so called a ‘threat’ by 2 different people that they want to lodge a police report on me..hehehe…i never scared if a police report was lodged on me…and yesterday i offered myself to drive the person that want to lodge the police report to the police station…ehehe i dont mind…the person told me already 4 times i did the same thing to the person….aiyo….only 4 times…compared with what the person owed me…till the person is dead….the debt cant be paid…seriously…hehehe..and knowing that the person cant settle the debt….i always keep to myself on the person debt….internally self-tortured hehehe. but for me its not big deal if u can follow the way i am doin..golden rule says “treat others as you would like to be treated.

serious speaking i dont mind if the person wanted to lodge a police report….serious…up to the person…but dont try to challenge me to unveiled every single little thing about the person to relevant people sudah la…surely it will tarnished the person name, family and whosever  related to the person….am not holding ransom here…but face the fact….i only take action with reasons…!! sometimes…i dont know laa..people tend to forget where they came from…dunno laa because dia lupe ke…big headed ker…ego ker and so on…but when i think back the first incident happened somewhere in jan 06…if i think the fact of the case again…it makes me feel like vomiting…gross!!!since then i’ve been thinking to take the right move..

i wonder why some people can think that the way that acted may become a liability to people near to them.for instance, i still remember an email states that…

“dosa anak perempuan yang belum kawin dan akil baligh…kalau dia membuat dosa….dosa tersebut akan ditanggung oleh si bapa…..sekiranya bapa sudah meninggal…dosanya akan ditanggung oleh saudara kandung lelakinya”

the concept more less is same with the above statement.

hehehe i think its so damn funny when people say they want to lodge a police report on me…while they themselves didnt look themselves and asked themselves why he(arief) do that/this to me…..???come on GROWN UP…think before u act…..think before speak…..

Silly me if i did something without a reason..!! hhmmm was thinking that i maybe making a big surprise announcement soon….still thinking….!!!

al fatihah….to my late father….and not forgotten my father and mum-in-law…

may Allah bless in whatever i’m doin….amin

p/s: tongpo/$/msk/fiz – dont ask me who’s who in this posting…and dont ask me what the announcement its all about..still embargo..heheh

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One response to “i buat polis report!!!

  1. iya

    kim salam kat org yang coba mau buat onar tu… muahahahah..

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