St John Batch 1998 Gala Dinner

calling for all great ex Johannian Batch 1998…we will be having our very own 10years anniversary Gala Dinner….details as below:

Date : 21 June 2008
Time : 8 p.m.
Venue : Eden Village, Bukit Bintang(Opposite Pavillion)
Ticket Price : RM 100

just a refresher of our school rally

if i’m not mistaken special appearance will be the Drummers for SJICB…

one of theirs drum solo

just a full shot of SJICB

if u guys interested please leave comments here..


erk pakdin and the rest of my srk st john2 pals..

if u guys interested, pls come along dude…

after all…we’re johanians

p/s: am have to check with my June schedule..if i do not have any appointment on that date..sure i will attend… was SJICB till form 3..then i stopped…cant remember why i stopped…but i remember when i quit sjicb…it was after a PT session at Bukit Nanas reserve forest…damn crazy that PT…during my time laa…dunno how it was conducted now..*sigh…erk lately ni je uniform sjicb a bit funny….hehhe..trendy kot…ahaks


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One response to “St John Batch 1998 Gala Dinner

  1. hi there,
    we seen ur video and it was interesting. we have this event coming this merdeka eve which we would like to invite your band to perform. pls do email me at this email if you need more information.
    hope to hear from you soon!

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