Cakap tak serupa bikin !!!!

yeap…its happened in one of several committees that i joined..

ada satu mamat ni cakap tak serupa bikin….

dulu ingat lagi dia cakap kat aku….”pul, alaa u tau tak…u and the committee gi jumpe YB Datuk ehem ehem ni..tak guna laaa…orang politik ni semua wayang jer…nothing that they will do for us…..tak payah laa..tu pasal i malas nak gi jumpe orang-orang camni”…hhmmmm…for me its fine…dia nak komen…after all he said that after i knew that he was PR supporters…so he did not agreed with our committee decision to invite one of BN YB to our meeting….and our idea to forward our problem to the State Exco…all in his mind was that everything that we referred to politician are bullshit and pointless…ok fine i keep my mouth shut for a while..

it happened almost one and half months ago…

and 2 days ago…i received an email from him via the committee email list….and guess what…

now he asked all of us to set an appointment/meet up and brief the newly appointed exco…WTF!!!! last time when we made the decision he said no need to involve politician and the meetings or whatsoever that involving politicians are totally bullshit…..skrg ni dia plak yang sibuk suruh arrange appointment with the EXCO….mentang2 the exco was from PR…and yet this friend of mine(i know something fishy happening now) want us to arrange the meeting….cakap memang tak serupa bikin…for i dont care whether the exco came from BN or PR…after all what we need is that our problem is solved…FULL STOP…no hanky panky lagi..

just never criticize what people are doing as long its give benefits to most of us…

our decision to invite the former YB actually have made the problem creator knew that we are serious to solve the problem…now the friend of mine yang terhegeh2 suruh arrange meeting…

hhmmm…i know what he want by having the meeting with the new EXCO….

takpe lah ape2 pun janji semua masalah setel

again Cakap tak serupa bikin!!!!


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One response to “Cakap tak serupa bikin !!!!

  1. doonn

    nk buat camne..orang gile pangkat..skang ni tunjuk muka laaa

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