am in kk

safely arrived just now..

flight was delayed due to the fleet’s tyre flatted…sib baik tak bocor..

serius ngantuk ni..

bought for haikal and lyn some goodies from here…

for mama of course the anchovies….hehehe..since mama suka masak ikan bilis….

for me…erm…nothing laa kot…nak cari rokok smuggle ptg kang…selalu ptg dorang jual kat depan pasar filipino ni…


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4 responses to “am in kk

  1. ouzzif

    protest! protest! what’s for you fan?

  2. pakdin

    arief… pesan bawak balik sorg pompuan… hikhikhik

  3. ariefsaid

    nak pompuan ape…local ke filipino

  4. ariefsaid

    nothing for the fan…
    aint have enough time to shop

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