5 hours more

lagi 5 jam…i will be sitting for my 1st paper in this semester exam…

1st paper usually will indicate how this semester exam will be….

1st paper will lead me….to do or die..ehhe…

damn…this 1st paper is really really sickening paper…

erk…why laa am so stupid….stupid because i’ve registered late for my studies..

if not sure i dont have to take the subject….

wish me luck..

p/s: actually the 1st paper is easy…but i dont like numbers….

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One response to “5 hours more

  1. hmmmm i had my fair share the last two weeks. nah sekarang ko rasakan penangan orgblaja-konakblaja-orgstudy-kotutuplamputidomati
    come to think of it, aku tarik balik la statement kat atas, sbb bulan lima nanti ko bantai aku balik.
    so, selamat blaja. aku nak tido. oh indahnya dunia.

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