jom boikot barangan belanda

antara barangan keluaran negara belanda

1. Shell

2. Barangan Eletrik/Mentol Philips

3. Barangan Tenusu keluaran Dutch Lady

4. Restoran Windmill

5. Barangan keluaran syarikat yang mempunyai nama ‘N.V.’ dan ‘B.V.’

6. Barangan penajaan Christian Albers

7. Produk2 tenusu spt mentega dan keju – sila rujuk syarikat dengan no. 5

8. coklat Forrero Roche

9. insurans ING

10. Teh Lipton

11. perisa makanan Knor

12. Produk mandian Dove.

ni disebabkan dengan rasa kurang ajar MP dorang tayangkan filem Fitna yang terang2 menghina Al Quran..

source produk = pemudaenggang


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2 responses to “jom boikot barangan belanda

  1. bilal

    hey there. c’mon man, it wasnt like as if the dutch govt or the whole of netherlands was responsible for the making of the film. in fact, they even condemned it and persuaded that Geert Wilders fella to not release it. so wads with all this boycotting nonsense? you know, this was exactly wad that fella wanted to happen, to see how the muslims would react – by violence, riots, protests, boycotting and other negative things.. because thats how they see us muslims, thanks to osama and gang. yes we condemned the film, but theres nothing much we can do abt it, since its splashed all over the net now. so for once, lets try a different approach. lets react like intelligent, mature, responsible and reasonable muslims. ignore all these anti-islam crap and get on with life as per normal. we have other important things to worry abt, like feeding our kids. revenge will bring us nowhere. i doubt god would be happy either. after all, isnt kesabaran itu separuh daripada iman?

  2. matpet

    i second’s just a provocation.. people know which is true and which is not..i bet even the director himself know..

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