huk huk

on MC today….badan sangat letih..selsema..pening kepala n so on…

queued almost 2 hours just to see the doctor for less than 5 minutess…

memang ramai tadi pun..and she said skang ni ramai demam laa selsema laa batuk laa..

am promoted to bilik gerakan PDM Enggang Utara secretary..replacing one of us that dunno where he is..and also am holding the post the Chairman for Pengundi Luar for the PDM as well….now the bilik gerakan is open daily…uish….very hectic and busy till the GE finishes which we still dont know when is the GE…

one out of 3 of the assingments done…yuhuuu…rileks sikit…just ada lagi 2..which one of it already reach 80% just a bit more of cosmetic and confirmation from my tutor..and it will be done…

this sunday got class and a course for GE…hmmm…ordered t-shirt for the Youth here and will be getting in by saturday…

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