Mini Reunion TT SRK St John 2 – batch 1988-1993

@ The Loaf Pavillion KL…6.30pm…
after almost 15years have not met each other..
today was the day…the young turned to old..
the thin turned to fat..hahaha..
shared lots of laughter…especially when U Jin brought our very own 6 Maju class magazine..
hahaha..thanks U Jin!!
ok guys…since we all agreed to have so called mini TT we shall have another round of this kind next month!!…hope more pal to come….
to ghafir…its ok..once u r back..we’ll have special one for you pal!!..

Ibnu Khusairi – Deejay Bernama Radio

Ishnal – OCBC

3 sekawan….pemusnah masa depan hehehe

kharish hashim – Finance Mgr

hafiz mohalim @MOLLY –

hafiz hashemi – businessman

fairizuddin alimat-
Lai U Jin – IT Specialist

Razen Azen – Scicom


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5 responses to “

  1. ghafir


    Aku kena stare lama lama baru kenal muka!

    Thanks for the photo, man!

    Next time, I’ll be there!


  2. zephyr


    we tried to call u yesterday but cant get thru…next gath we’ll call u bro

  3. IBNU K

    ooit.. ko mmg ada bakat laa pasal dalam amik gambar2 ni.. Baguslah.. training lagi beb.. biar leh jadi jurugambar yang pakar.. hehehe.. apsal gambar aku banyak sangat haaa… masuklaa blog aku..

  4. pakdin

    nanti g karaoke jgn lupa bwk kamera skali… leh tkp gmbr aku nyanyi

  5. Desmond Khoo

    walao! long time no see! Remember me or not? U-jin intro-ed this blog to me..good work arief! nice to see the old pictures..

    If there’s a next gathering don’t forget to email me!


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