new members update..
2 of my office mate now actively involve themselves to the blogging world..
one of them … must say that he’ll be addicted to blogging soon..
while the other one…still remain unknown…hehhee
that’s on blog..

on DSLR side…
1 of my office mate bought his D40 yesterday..
ahaks..poisoned..its very dangerous, hazardous, poisonous when you go to camera shop just for a survey with me and fiz…
huhuhuhu…end up ..you’ll buy DSLR camera….hihihi..

so now..me n fiz .have DSLR and blog(s)
while msk only have a blog
and zh only have a DSLR…

so msk n zh…start to own a blog n camera laaaaa…

for mr tongpo n cash…when you’ll be joining us…

yesterday was the first time in 3 months i slept early..as early as 11pm ..i think so….
no meetings…ot phone calls…gosh…
memang relax semalam

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  1. syafiq

    well, not saying that i’m addicted to blog, but its errr.. dont know how to describe it.. Hell yeah!! I’m addicted.. haha.. more is coming..

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