Long Weekend Again…

yup..it was a long weekend last week with Fed Day fall on Friday…
as usual, to make my social life balance and healthy….
went for golfing in Friday @Bangi Golf Resort…
i dont like this course…very tiring….
actually i hate all courses that use buggy…
its very very tiring especially when there is no caddy to assist you..
ok however..we played in Kajang Nine and Putrajaya Nine…
for me Putrajaya Nine is easier compared to Kajang..
score birdie for the 1st hole in Putrajaya Nine…
overall score was 100..damn buruk…..
zakie had a good game there…scoring 92 gross overall..

on saturday….went to Kundang for another balance and healthy life…
ahaks…but actually it was a friendly match between KGBE and The Kundang Boys…
it was a 1st and foremost friendly match organized by Suliman..and we agreed to continue the match once every 2 months
with the venue to be confirmed @later stage….format of the match is matchplay mode…with simple aggregate used to determine winner…
the line up for the match as follow:

Flight 1 ; Johari Mesar/Razman Sham (KGBE) vs Badrul Hisham/Kamil(The Kundang Boys – TKB) – 1-0
Flight 2 : Myself/Muhayuding (KGBE) vs Mahdi Ramli/Dazaly (TKB) – 0-0
Flight 3 : Zakie/Rosli Sabri (KGBE) vs Sulima/Shahidi (TKB) – 1-0

overal KGBE 2 TKE 0

that’s on golf..

on sunday..spent whole day in Library…trying to finish the hypothesis assignment..
and guess what….henry and me were stucked…and changed our plan to finish other subject assignment..
damn stupid subject…
on the evening…had a meeting with UKB Committee…
we’ve planned our step to move forward so that our project can be completed ASAP..

and this week..again will be very long weekend..
planning where to play…hhmmm…maybe will be golfing somewhere near KL..
and maybe will go to the Space adventure @putrajaya

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