“happy” and “satisfied” ???

just received my rating(KPI) for this year…slightly higher than last year but still it’s below my forecasted rating…i’m not complaining…its just i’ve rated myself similar to last year rating and after the ‘cantas’ session and wholeselling session..i got the same cut amount as last year..being dropped by 0.3 which slightly lower than last year at 0.35…however, that’s not my concern considering number of leaves i took this year (Annual leave, MCs & Unrecorded Leave(exams) = 59 days) and some public holidays….i think the rating given to me is quite ‘satisfactory’…although after being cut…and the new rating made me lost almost 1 month salary in bonus and almost 2% lost in my 2008 increament…BUT..the main concern was the areas that they cut the weightage in order to fulfill the ‘bell-curved’..(our practice is 30:40:30)…because to me its DAMN SILLY…just for the sake of the bell-curved..totally unfair cut was imposed to some workers …and for this case is me…whereby…i attended the same course, same total no days attending the courses required and yet my rating for self development weightage been cut by 1.0…which is actually give significant impact to the overall rating….spoken to my ex-manager and she expected me to have the same rating with my collegue and she was suprised to see the rating given to me….she asked…”are u happy…?” and i replied.”hhmmm not so since its not because of the overall weightage but the SILLY cut made on my rating….”…she said this is the main issue…where 2 staff attended and achieved the same objectives have been rated totally different…nonetheless i would like to congratulate to msk and nik for their rating which above 4.0…..i’ve raised this ‘bell-curve’ issue during my tutorial on HR matters somewhere early of the year to my lecturer…where he told me its happen in every organisation and it a MUST in order to adhere with some statistical rule…am totally blank with this stupid ‘bell-curve’ which not only made me lost my bonus but its also suffering a lot of people…If i’m in top position…i would scrap off this SILLY BELL CURVE…..

so..considering number of working days i worked this year and number of leaves i took…i am so called ‘happy’ and fcuking ‘satisfied’ with my rating for 2007….
hehehe u win some u lose some….but i think in this case…I WON A LOT… hehehehe


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