Golf & Camera…..

i scored 36 points and played handicap of 21 during i love golf tournament held in Rahman Putra….was 4th best for Medal B…however, only top best 3 got the prizes…i only managed 4 pars and no double par for all the 18 holes..Rahman Putra course is challenging and requires really good stamina and good iron game type of player in order to conquer the course since we played in Lake course which combines both hilly and water hazard…..i won pro-gripp golf show….hmm.. and the best thing is …i was the last recipient for the shoe prize..right after i received my shoe..the organizer told that the next lucky draw prize is Orlimar Rescue which will cost me around RM700 to buy.. 😦 how unlucky i am on that day..since i got 4th place and no prize for me…but its still ok for because the show cost me RM180 to buy… modal to play for the tournament was RM185…and freebies i received was almost rm100…so its still ok..the shoe i gave to Lynn since her golf show already koyak…

ok…last thursday after the tournament…we went to low yat plaza…just to recce 18-200mm VR Nikon Lens which i always dream about since i bought my camera…been calling all camera shop this week to check the price and average were selling at RM2600….went to Low Yat Plaza, Sungai wang and KL Plaza……doing our surveillance….huh!! surveillance…end up..i bought the lens + wide+macro lens extension and lens U V Filter and all that made me broke another RM3000…..waaaaaa…ngam2 i week after i spent RM2700 to buy my camera and now another RM3000….but its ok…i am so satisfied….for its really simple…i willing to spend my money as long i am satisfied with the product qualities and the output given to me…

while i am still learning in photography…
just pay a visit to my fotopages…
feel free to comment!!!


p/s:will post my score for the tournament later…

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