Happy and Lucky Me !!!

i am happy because yesterday i bought my gadget of the year…
nikon D40X…although i have no intention turning myself to be an amateur photographer..but it just because of me…love to take photos of nothing..and because of that..i bought this camera..
nikon is still my choice since it is nikon was the brand for my 1st digital camera..and still working very well, took pictures beautifully although the camera let me down on my nikah day…because it felt from my wardrobbe 1 day before my nikah day…i may take some photography classes in order to enhance my knowledge in photo-shooting…
actually, in my mind yesterday…i need to choose to but either to buy new thinkPad laptop or a DSLR camera…was at Maxis booth with Lynn and showed to her the Maxis HP package which will cost us RM178 for 24months from broadband – power package and so called ‘free’ HP laptop…the offer really tempting us…however, after a while we decided not to go for that package and since Lynn have no ‘feeling’ in getting new laptop..i decided to but the D40X camera….now i can snap nice photo….yummy….

ok on lucky me…today myself, jo mokhtar, bro din and zakie were out of town golfing in out usual home club in Bentong…we went separately with bro din tumpang my car…everything was smoothly until on way back..downhill after Genting exit….my car suddenly overturned….and made nice number 8 shape during downhill cornering…lucky us there was no car behind us….the funny thing was during the car overtuned, and at that point of time bro din awake from his nap…asking me ‘apa hal kete ko ni??’ and i slumberly replied with my legs and hands busy trying to maintain the car from hitting both road sidewall ‘ntah tiba-tiba je…..’ and the we were laughing instead panicking during the car turning like a roller coaster….in my mind i just thinking to avoid hitting the side bar which will my car will be at the opposite direction and maybe masuk gaung…..since the incidents….we were laughing all the way

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