farewell, good luck, all the best and good bye

yesterday was our last paper for this term exams….except for 2 of our friends Anne and Mazlan which will be graduating next year….as yesterday will be our very last paper for this semester and very last we’ll be sitting for other exams together with Anne and Mazlan…we had our so called ‘farewell’ lunch before we sat for OB’s paper at 2.10pm…We went to Ali Café Tom Yam Jalan Pantai….all of us was there except for Zul and Henry with are busy with their own schedule..kamil,kak gee,azhan,aizar,rosli and myself was there yesterday..so for Anne and Mazlan…good luck for your future undertakings and wish all of us best of luck for our journey with OUM….

As for myself, insyaAllah I will be completing my studies in 2009….hopefully everything running smoothly as I planned…however, i’m a bit bored for coming semester since I will be studying alone especially for my after office library outing since all this while mazlan will be joining me for the revision session….but for weekend revision session I will still have the rest of us…all 10 of us accidentally met during our OM subject …if I’m not mistaken..since then our bonding were built tightly especially during exams week…all of us came from different backgrounds which have made our group networking seems to be completed..from banking site to prison’s department background..we shared our laughter most during our discussion in library..until once we was marked by the librarian for laughing and discussing loud until other student felt annoyed..hehee..

On the other hand…I’m on MC until end of this week…since my eyes suffering congitivis (I think this is the spelling)…or layman word red eyes disease..suffered for almost 3 weeks already…went to APSH and they gave me 4 days MC…yummy….3weeks off from my office…and deja-vu…as today I came to the office in the morning …there is no outstanding work for me…0 work to do and not like before I was on leave or MC…surely tons of work waiting for me…Actually I am really bored with what I am doing in the office now…I doesn’t know how to fill my 8 hours time in the office since currently I am in IT section..i am just working for 1 big project with tentatively will full swing motion next year but dunno when..and I just lepak and playing my football manager game to fulfil my 8 hours working time..i am not complaining just I wonder how those people who love this kind of situation works??

Just came back from major service for our car….guess how much the total bill…RM900…damn…kopak..thought it will be somewhere

I’ll be taking one day off next week as me and Tiger Yudd will be participating in MST-I Love Golf Tournament at Kelab Rahman Putra….wish us best of luck…we are not the favourites but our aim is to get at least novelty prize…what’s best participating in golf tournament is the loser also is the winner…basically you wont go home with empty handed… 😀

So just wish me luck for my tournament and wish me speedy recover for my eyes sickness…

p/s: I am thinking to join the SO-PO bloggers community….but wait and see how my schedule for next year…

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