to be happy or not to be happy

just received the salary adjustment letter..
yeah sure its a happy thing to be received especially during these stress, moody, bored and a lot of feelings since exams period now….
anybody happy for exams?? i bet none of us..
ok…on salary adjustment..alhamdullilah syukur…
got slight increament….this is because my current salary is actualy very near to the new basic salary for my job band…
plus another extra increment flat rate for all staff (i think…??) plus another increament based on performance… everybody is happy…but not me because…
1. my current salary was near to the new basic salary for my job band….
2. thus, my salary was adjusted to the new basic salary since its still below the new basic salary…
3. on the increament based on performance…i am really pissed off since my current average performance is at 3.99….less 0.01 to 4.00 which will entails me to different level of salary adjustment….this is because my first appraisal after i got my promotion was really damn sucks….u know how suck it is…my increament for that particular year was only RM45!!!!!!…
4. overall new staff specifically who already working here less than 2 years get bigger portion of cake compared to old dizzy and soon to be longest serving employee like me…i heard non-exec got nearly to 3k back dated…damn!!!…

i am not complaining….just that i not so happy with the increment since i got smaller portion of cake…waaaaaaa…but lady luck was me because although my appraisal was very sucking hell as per bullet no 2, it actually saves me during this salary adjustment..u know why???…
let say for that particular year my appraisal was…hmmm not say very good…but above from what i got for that year…my current salary i think is really really near to the new basic salary where it will cost me badly now…

i wonder what about others feeling especially those staff whose current salary only less than rm100 from the new basic salary…for sure they are far from happy than me….


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