almost one month plus since i was moved to my old unit…
and i would say it is the most relaxed, stress free, no pressure position ever since i am working here for the past 8 years..
hehehe….until almost every day i just thinking on taking leave to have good golfing out there…
oh ok basically, next year should be the busiest year since the project that i worked on get started involving should be next year…should be lah….
for the past 2 month i am only reading all SOPO related blogs…sorry guys didnt drop by to your blog..bukan tak nak cuma tak sempat….very interesting since one blogger who is my late father’s friend, used to be an influenced person are now so called xpro of gov…..will be a demo this weekend….and it was thought that this demo is requesting a cleaner in next PRU..i wonder why this fella really supporting this demo ……since some petitions makes me laugh on my own…macam laa dulu2 takde bende dalam petition tuh….ok forget it..i dun want to be a SOPO blogger yet….soon ..insyaAllah…

on the other hand..since i have 15days of leave yang patut kene habis….
maka every week aku akan amik cuti…yaahoooo….
final exam in 2 weeks time….wish me luck dear friends!!

next weekend will be in lumut
joining the office’s treasure hunt…
actually bukan nak hunting pun
but nk golfing jer…

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