i will be attending High Impact Presentation @HRDC tommorrow and the day after..
Friday i will be on leave and off to Penang until X’mas….
day after that i will be on leave…hehehhe…until new year…
may not be able to update my blog as well as updating any news on the market….
however..since bonus is just around the corner…i may dump in MYEG shares IPO…
all expenses will be hold until 5th january 2007 since that date will be the balloting date for MYEG..
so for All Muslim “Happy Eid’ Mubarak”
for all “Happy New Year”
for my christian friend “Merry X’mas”

last time eve X’mas i usually went to Darren’s house(cornetto love perhaps participants) house to makan2….remembered once …eve was on holy ramadhan….as usual…not me…those friends yg minum…segan nak minum air satanic……heheheh…first tgk dorang tersipu2 bile dijemput minum….hehehhee….

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