Smart Tag Part II

1. Greed : What Luxury item did you last buy? lap top, my driver RM2800, Lyn (uish banje besar ni) 😆

2. Gluttony : What is your favorite food? macam2 laa…nasi goreng ayam kunyit JKR

3. Wrath : What makes you angry? when people keep pushing me for things that cant be done

4. Sloth : When are you at your laziest? bila time gaji…macam2 nak pikir

5. Envy : What brings the green-eyed monster in you? people who can drive over 250yards during tee off

6. Lust : What / who do you lust after? my sexy darling wife…ahahahahah

7. Pride : What are you most proud of? proud of being me, lyn’s husband and haikal’s father

Tagging: sapa yg baca tag ni..kene buat ler yer…

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