Smart TAG…touch and go??

Four Jobs :
1- Siak Madrasah al Huda (ramadhan) 2- Yaketi Yak 3- Jual Air time Pose 4- BNM

Four Movies (yg aku tgk):
1- Knights Tale 2- Ronin 3- Speed 4- James Bond

Four Places i’ve lived:
1-tmn keramat 2-gombak 3-Taman Sri Keramat 4- ukay Bistari??

Four Places i’ve been on vacation:
1-Mekah(not on vacation) 2-London 3-Belgium 4- Bali

The 4 blogs i visit daily:
1-Angel’s 2-anakomak 3-sipar 4-afdlin

Four of my favourite foods:
1-Mum’s cooking 2-angel’s cooking 3- Alfredo 4-anything in BBQ course

Four Places i’d rather be:

1-Mekah (peaceful…spiritual) 2- Liverpool 3- US- Pebble Beach..golfing 4- Greece

Four vehicles i own:

1- Kriss 2-VS125 3-Kancil L512 Turbo 4 -Avanza

Four of u,pls carry on these virus..Ok!

1-Angel’s 2-Haikal??? 3- retna 4- man ..sekali lagi..

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