What is…..

some people just use it the acronym without knowing the actual meaning…
now i’m sharing to all of you…

RSVP – ‘repondez s’il vous plait’ – please reply
VSOP – Very Superior Old Pale – kind of brandy CognaC hehee
SAS – Hip Hop Group….uiks..initial nama aku pun ada…ada background sket…

SAS (Hip-Hop Group)

SAS (london diplomats) are rap duo made of Brothers Mega And Meyham. Born to Nigerian parents, S.A.S. came to the States in 1998 when Mayhem (the older of the two) received a basketball scholarship. Like many unsigned artists in school, they faced the dilemma of balancing out academics with their aspiring dreams to be in the Hip Hop game. They made good grades, but just had a stronger passion for rhyming. As far as their music went, “Our mother didn’t totally support us at first,” Mega told me, “but once she heard our songs on the radio, She supported us more.”
The road to getting signed was not an easy one. In a nutshell, they met Kanye West in 2002, which led to him introducing them to Juelz Santana in 2003, eventually leading to a phone conversation with Damon Dash, signing them to Dipset/Rocafella.
True Hip Hop fans, S.A.S. have been down with the art form since The Rocksteady Crew, and are influenced by Slick Rick. Their favorite time in Hip Hop was the Biggie “Ready to Die” era. They also said they were fascinated by the mainstream US Hip Hop battles, like the Dr. Dre/Easy-E beef. Missing the Hip Hop days of old, S.A.S. hopes to bring that sound back, saying the game is now “basically generic and unoriginal.”
They’ve been rhyming for 7 years and formed a crew in the UK called “The Eurogang,” who they still associate themselves with. They proudly shout out their crew in their song Still Free: “This is S.A.S., Dipset, Eurogang!” The Eurogang producer Rephan still makes beats for them, and all of the Eurogang are featured in a scene in the upcoming film State Property Two.”
Based out of Staten Island, Mega and Mayhem took to Shaolin’s mean streets in search of battles and ciphers wherever they could be found. Their burgeoning reputations as vicious battle rappers soon found them throwing down with some of the city’s finest, from Sugar Hill in Harlem, to Times Square to Brooklyn’s infamous Marcy Projects and the ears of some of it’s most infamous denizens. “Mega and Mayhem were the only unsigned artists to ever come into Marcy projects and completely shut it down,” praises Memphis Bleek. “They just nice like that Bleek wasn’t the only one listening.
Back in the UK, tastemakers like Radio One’s Tim Westwood had started showing them love, and freestyles began popping up on New York stations like Hot 97. And connections at The Roc were running deep – by late 2002 / early 2003 Kanye West was interested in a production deal and the duo were recording tracks with Diplomats Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana . Later that summer, things came full circle – a ten-minute trans-Atlantic conference call with Jim Jones and Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash made it official: SAS were now DipSet/Roc-A-Fella. Cam’ron has taken his Diplomats Record label international with the launching of Diplomat Records Europe and signing Eurogang creators S.A.S. The group linked up with the Diplomats in 2002 after a visit to the United States.
The group was affiliated with Damon Dash and that led to them being featured in a worldwide Roc-A-Wear ad campaign, but group members said they were never formally signed to Roc-A-Fella Records “We approached the Diplomats on the street level and we had mutual friends in Harlem,” Mayhem recounted. “We vibed on a character level, but when they realized we were talented they asked us to record songs with them in a hotel. Next thing you know we were on Top of the Pops with them when they performed ‘Hey Ma’ and the rest was history.” “We’re excited,” Mega stated.
“We’ve always known we were this nice, it’s just that now we have a team behind us with Diplomats that people respect.”

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