To my dearest the only same age cousin Suraya Hanim and husband to be Munir

kat sini arief, lynn and muhammad haikal nak minta maaf laa banyak2…
sebab kemungkinan besar….kami sekeluarga tak dapat nak attend majlis nikah and persandingan both of you…
sebab lynn kene pi kursus kat sungai petani on 5-7 Januari ini…
a bit frustrasted since tak dapat nak join your big day especially on Friday tuh…
tapi takpe…lynn try negotiate balik dengan boss dia …
so that she can be excused from attending the course….
insyaAllah yang majlis kat umah munir tuh…arief lynn and muhammad haikal boleh attend…
for my self plak…arief memang kene ikut lynn gi sungai petani…sebab kalau tak ikut..
lynn mmg tak dapat nak datang langsung majlis both of u…
since the original end date for the course is on the 9th…so arief ikut so that lyn boleh cabut balik KL on 7th tapi ptg laa…

sorry sekali lagi kat korang berdua….

ape2pun arief and family doakan semuanya jalan lancar ok…


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