Sejarah Sejarah

6 years here..7 performance appraisal been through…
6 of it…gone with flying colors Alhamdulillah..
just this year..
first time…i got my rating below 4…out of 5..
damn…what went wrong…
i dont see the mistakes came from me..
not saying that i’m damn good enough here..
but..almost all of this dept staff rating been slashed without any good stance…
argghh..seem like a mistake joining this department…sorry to say..
not that aku tak bersyukur ker ape…its just really really bad enviroment here…
that’s why i can see that there are certain staff is pegged for almost 15years in this department..
God help me…
Summary of my Performance Appraisal or so call PRIME System(siap ada ISO lagi..but totally unfair and boring system)

1999 – 4.0
2000- 4.3
2001- 4.7
2002- 4.8
2003- 4.8
2004- 4.8
2005- 3.45

oh damn…
bukan nak megah diri or ape..its just for me it totally unfair rating..not only for myself..
but for the others…

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