6th years gone…and more to go..

yesterday..was my 6th year working in BNM…
kejap je…dah 6 tahun…
6 tahun yang penuh liku…
dari bos berbangsa india…cina hingga laa ke melayu..
dari supervisor…pompuan sampai laa lelaki…
ape2pun…paling menyeronokan keje di BNM ni..
masa 2 tahun pertama aku keje kat sini..
at that time..BNM in the process transition from manual system to all computerised system..
tak kira la dari segi keje ker..communcation ker..claims ker…
so at that time..ramai juga yang blur2…ye lah..mostly staff at that point of time..
belum lagi celik IT..nak kata buta it pun tidak cuma rabun IT…
so since aku plak masa tuh…tgh blaja IT …so jadi laa master kat dept lama..
6 years….2 departments…and 3 different units now..
starts from insurance supervision department.was in the administration and training unit..
now in foreign exchange administration department with system and development unit and currently on secondment to money changing business unit..
aarhhh…penat penat…
how long should i stay here???


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