Shop before You Drop
Study before You Flop

semalam shopping kat Liverpool punye Kedai tapi bukan utk barang aku….
but shopping utk barang muhammad haikal….
hehhehe….beli punting..stiker kete…booties and hat…beeb…and baju….
rabak gak ler….hehehe…
actually….if we not converting the GBP to MYR..
barang kat UK sememangnya sangat la murah dan berbaloi…
ok for instance…punting baby..semlm the price was GBP 2.49 for 2 sets….
if we not convert it to MYR… is still RM2.49 for 2..
but cube kite g Giant ke Carrefour or Tesco…
would you able to search baby soothies at RM2.49 for 2..not even 1 pun leh dapat..
so now just tunggu delivery from Kak Ja since the order been instructed to be sent over there..courier chargers to Malaysia mahal beb….

on my revision for exams…
sucksss !!!….yesterday played 9 hole at KDE Club..
met 2 new friends.. En Nordin Yusof dari Felda Prodata and En Zakaria Yaakob..
so insyaAllah on the 7th kita main kat Bkt Beruntung ok…

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